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Tee Shirt Head: (noun) - A person who collects or trades a variety of tee shirts that are known to make others smile, laugh or become inspired. A true tee shirt head takes pride in sharing a positive, non-verbal message through their apparel.

We want all of our tee shirt heads to become walking billboards of positive vibes for the world to see and feel. We want you to become an example of inspiration for all of the people who are privileged to see you on a day-to-day basis whether it be simply for fashion, worn in the gym, during your next outdoor adventure or on your next get away vacation. 

We want our tee shirt head nation to lead by example by following their hearts and believing in themselves. 

A tee shirt is more than a piece of clothing. A tee shirt is an extension of what and who we are as individuals so its important that we think about our nonverbal messages that we share with the world. The right tee shirt can brighten someone's day without you even knowing it.

Our goal is to provide tee shirts and clothing that will lift the spirits of our customers and everyone around them. How we dress each day is a choice, and choosing to dress positively each day will improve our confidence and performance on a day to day. It is important that we choose t-shirts and clothes that will in fact shape the way others perceive us and the way others perceive themselves. 

We make people smile, laugh and feel inspired with non verbal positive vibes, so share your vibes with what you wear and express yourself!



Even though we are living physically in this very moment, nearly all our thoughts revolve around the past or the future. 
The thoughts of our younger generation will clearly be focused on the events that will take place in the future, no matter if these are upcoming events in the next moments or situations that can arise many years in the future.

As we grow older however, we will most likely direct our focus on situations from the past, with our thoughts revolving around the things that have already happened. Living in the moment, allows you to be truly grateful for the wonderful things you have in this very moment, no matter if it is health, opportunities, nature, travel, a second chance, education or the fact that you have a lovely family.

By living in the moment you are not dependent on the accomplishment of wealth, material things or anything else in order to become happy as you are already able to appreciate and love the very moment, which makes you happy. The illusion of time makes us think that the moments of past, present and future separate from each other.

In reality, they are all happening now. Everything happens NOW! If you are not convinced by the concept of NOW, then try to do something yesterday or tomorrow right now. It is impossible. Think about it, when do you remember your past? You remember it now. When do you dream your future? You dream of it now. We can’t stress or worry too much about tomorrow because its not promised. Today is. Dream big. Set goals and plans for the future. But working hard today is always the first step towards realizing your dreams tomorrow.

Don’t allow dreaming about tomorrow to replace living in today, use those dreams about tomorrow as motivation to work harder, love more, focus more, live more and do more today.